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The Baby Blossom Bouquet

New Moms and moms-to-be will appreciate The Baby Blossom Bouquet.  The Baby Blossom Bouquet is an arrangement of baby clothing and accessories made to look like a bouquet of flowers.  More practical than a bunch of flowers, but equally as beautiful to look at! Each "blossom" is an essential newborn baby product presented as a beautiful flower bouquet.  The Baby Blossom Bouquet is sure to be a gift that is remembered... long after fresh flowers would have wilted.

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Baby Blossom
Purple Kitty Bouquet
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Baby Blossom
Baby Giraffe Bouquet
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Baby Blossom
Washcloth Bouquet
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Baby Blossom
Bath Bouquet
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Baby Blossom
Sweet Baby Bouquet
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Baby Blossom Peek a Boo Baby Bouquet
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