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IsaBooties are soft soled shoes for funky lil' feet! Carry the hottest accessory line in L.A. right now!

Super-soft, breathable Ultrasuede® fabric, non-slip, durable Toughtek® soles, machine-washable, machine-dryable, stain-resistant, easy slip-on design doesn't slip off, 100% animal-free!

Designed by moms who value durability and ease of care.

When designing IsaBooties™ they paid close attention to the materials. The creators of IsaBooties wanted something that was both soft, durable and machine-washable/machine-dryable. After testing a number of options, including leather and suede, they selected a unique fabric combination of Ultrasuede® and Toughtek®.

Unlike other soft-soled baby shoes on the market, IsaBooties™:

  • Won't scuff
  • Are color safe and stain-resistant
  • Will hold shape after machine-washing and drying
  • Maintain non-skid properties after continuous wear and washings
  • 100% animal-product free


Ultrasuede® is a unique fabric that is super-soft, yet at the same time extremely durable. Unlike leather, Ultrasuede® is highly breathable so your little one’s feet will stay comfy, even in hot weather. Ultrasuede® is resistant to scuffs, stains and discoloration; it's even 100% machine-washable and machine-dryable. Unlike leather, Ultrasuede® won't fade, shrink or crack, making it a great choice for baby shoes.


IsaBooties’™ soles are made from Toughtek®, an incredible “grip” fabric made from 100% polyester with a rubber outercoating. Toughtek® retains its non-slip quality in wet, dry, warm or cold conditions. And, even though Toughtek® is extremely sturdy, it’s also soft and flexible allowing IsaBooties™ to mimic barefoot walking. Toughtek® is the same grip fabric used in the booties worn by search and rescue dogs because it is nearly impenetrable by things such as broken glass, nails and other sharp debris.

Throw IsaBooties™ in with any load of laundry and see why so many moms say they are the easiest to clean soft-soled baby shoe on the market!

Following is the IsaBooties size chart:

IsaBooties Size
IsaBooties Length (in)
IsaBooties Width (in)
CDN, US & UK Sizes
0-6 Months
1 - 3½
6-12 Months
4 - 5

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